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Sharking Women Clothes At Street

The Lane, heart of the city life

because you love your alley - one of those narrow streets of the Plateau, where a car passes but no more, which gives a series of gardens more or less closed and around / in which live at least 3 or 4 families with children - and only because you love her, and because your kids have adopted it as an extension of their bedroom, you decide to grow a green in it, as anarchic as it is. After all, you think the green has a significant advantage on the concrete as it adorns the landscape, in addition to fighting against the heat island effect. And then the pictures you take your kids are prettier with plants cracks with asphalt and some waste carelessly left there as a backdrop.

Allow push what comes - sagebrush, raspberry, ivy: what dress up any ugly fence.

Summer happens, the bees come and go, you shorten some branches too bold, your regular inspections confirm that n 'There is no grass smart or ragweed, you also praise you for your initiative that makes a bit more lively street and welcoming.

And then the following winter, towards the end of January, you receive a ticket with regard to your "negligence" (yes), which meant that the plants are over 15 cm. So you learn at the same time several things at once:
  • there is a law requiring them to maintain plants in the public domain within 15 cm (one wonders who it benefits, or rather who can well be disturbed by few green plants)
  • you are required to maintain the public land adjacent to your place of residence provided that they are green (for cons are not talking about snow removal, and even less of Rubbish)
  • "negligence" leading to anarchy green bounded by 50 cm wide in a very busy street costs 3 times more expensive ($ 144) than that involving a car parked in the wrong place at the wrong time and annoying traffic of thousands of people ($ 47)

Those are things you learn. But there are others that bring you into the abyss of perplexity
  • the finding of infringement you have received dates back almost four months, yet it is a copy of a original that you never sent
  • the statement (so its copy) in vain to mention a date and time (counts also a bit too "round" to your liking, October 1 at 15h battery but nevermind), there is no mention that the statement was given to the person in question, then it would have been enough to leave it in the mailbox on the other side (the price must admit, additional 100 meters walking)
  • 30 days for allegedly plead guilty or not guilty are long since gone, but you can not do anything because you were not even aware that you had committed an offense

It's enough to wonder where common sense is made.


Source: City of Montreal
Montreal fight (or fight it announcement, which is not quite the same thing) to keep their families, but in the big pot of more or less obvious reasons why they are fleeing the city, there are also adapting to the reality of laws. And it seems apparent that strong economic way to improve the attractiveness and image of family life in town is to showcase this unique heritage lanes.

Is it so difficult to understand than regulations as the maximum height of 15 cm of green are absurd, with clear purpose other than to prevent life to settle in these streets?

Is that so hard to conceive that the game in the alley is part of the lives of urban children? Urban culture of Quebec itself? Why ban it (as there is a law to that effect, if so) under the pretense that the alley is a place of passage , which must be redeemed at any time ?

Is it so impossible to see it through tremendous "clothesline effect" of an alley in health of young immigrant families (often those who choose the city, consciously or not) fit into their neighborhood?

Is it so unthinkable to see that the streets, especially if they are greenish and / or upgraded so that it slow - or even to prevent - the movement, are often the first space of romping children who came by in-front, out from in back-to live their lives out of sight of their parents? For there is nothing in common out to the park (supervised by mom and dad) and playing out in the alley (away from the eyes of mom and dad, but not really alone because there is always 1 or 2 neighbors to take a look).
Not to mention parents to turn a 5-7 improvised decompress from their day and enjoy the good life the last rays of summer sun ...


Greening the streets, the "live" to reduce traffic whenever possible or realistic to leave a nice anarchy reign (plants, games, benches) as evidence of life as opposed to letting go of an alley abandoned by its residents ... it is a wonderful way to keep its people there, attach them to a neighborhood.

St John's Lane - friendly neighbors and
In the alley you learn to live together, know each other, we discuss, we debate, we co-lives in all sense. Lane is the best place for the appreciation of urban life. So what pretext should we keep it desert, without attractions, released at any time - certainly for the engine that had an uncontrollable urge to cross?


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